2022 Lots new to do!

This year I am making a lot of moves to work smarter instead of harder. I've left The Knot and I'm very excited for what I plan to subsidise that waterway of wedding work. The problem with The Knot. Last year I noticed a huge shift in the amount and quality of inquires I was getting. Personally, I really love a wedding from a recommendation. it's nice to have an idea of who I'm working with. Also, I've formed many true friendships from these types of "clients" anyway, recommend me if you like me. With that being said, I'm trying to grow with a more organic reach. I'm not entirely sure what that means or how I'm going to do it but It's happening?

Another note, Covid really changed what the wedding industry is. BC ( before Covid ) things were very different. VERY DIFFERENT. In every department. Pricing, availability, marketing, websites, social media. I have no intention of becoming one of those old fart photographers. I think change in the photography industry is great. I think people are able to connect to their wedding photographers and all vendors on a more creative real level. Which, I don't think we felt like we could do before. Right? What I'm saying is that this year moving forward I'm going to make my brand much more personal. I find when I do that we all get the best result. And we all have some fun too.

I figured I'd start this year off with one of my favorite weddings of 2021. I'm really excited I had a chance to shoot at The Art Factory In Paterson, New Jersey. Not only did I love every second of this wedding. But, It's going to be featured this year in Off Beat Bride! One of my favorite wedding publications.